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    1. For now, we only accept covers in English language. Covers in other languages will be rejected;
    2. Covers must be at least 3000px width. Labels must to be at least 1400px width. Smaller than that, cover or label will be rejected;
    3. Uploads must be done in the correct category, many consecutive errors will make your covers be rejected.
    4. Titles should follow the pattern according to the original title, see IMDB or TMDB. Example: Transformers The Last Knight, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, do not use any other suffix or prefix;
    5. Images containing any obscenity, p0rn0graphy, or any other material deemed inappropriate, will be rejected. This includes web addresses or logos of websites deemed inappropriate by site staff, including other cover websites;
    6. Uploads will be rejected for incorrect dimensions, poor quality, images stretched out of proportion, incorrect movie information (including credits, web addresses, running times, logos etc), typos (including spelling and grammar mistakes), illegible text;
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