About Us

Cover Addict born years ago from a simple idea: Give free DVD and Bluray covers with quality. I mean, QUALITY.

There are a lot of cover sites around the web, but luckily, we are one of those.

Our main goal is to design covers for the replacement of the original ones. Sometimes the original cover seems that was done with the rush and no passion, because of this we exist.

We do not encourage piracy and this is against our policies to avoid any of these materials. So if you think we are deprecating your beautiful job we are not, we encourage people to watch the movies on the best streaming services and buy physical media.

Every day a new cover.

Of course, this takes time and dedication that’s why we charge a little contribution for those who want to pay for our jobs.

Many tiny producers come to us to thanks us for the free promotion on Twitter and Pinterest (our second home), and we will be glad if you want to be part of this project.


Contact: [email protected]

Cover Addict