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2067 2020 DVD Cover

Original title: 2067
Tagline: The fight for the future has begun.
Duration: 1h 54min
IMDB: tt1918734
TMDB: 528085
Vote average: 4
Vote count: 413
Popularity: 35.49
Status: Released
Production: Arcadia
Original language: en
Release date: 2020-10-01
Homepage: http://screen.nsw.gov.au/project/2067
Actors: , ,
DVD Covers, 2020, Custom Covers, Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller


2067 2020 DVD Cover Movie Summary

In the year 2067 2020 movie (2067 2020 movie), climate change ravaged the World. 2067 2020 DVD Cover Civilization has crashed across the globe with all plant life on Earth extinct; only one city in Australia, thanks to the synthetic oxygen created by the Chronicorp company, has scarcely been able to hold out against these drastic changes. This oxygen, however, is polluted and triggers a fatal affliction known as The Sickness, eventually.

Ethan Whyte, a tunnel worker at the power plant in the area, is faced with the harsh fact that his wife Xanthe is ill. Ethan is renamed one day before Regina Jackson, a research CTO at Chronicorp, who explains that mankind will finally be wiped out by the Sickness.

Twenty years before his death, during a test of the Chronicle, a futuristic time machine on which Ethan’s late father, quantum physicist Richard Whyte, had operated, the scientists received a radio signal from 407 years in the future with a request to send Ethan directly to them to avert the extinction of humanity. Xanthe and his guardian and work colleague Jude manage to change his mind, considering the opportunity that Ethan might never be able to return, and his anger towards his father for seemingly prioritizing his work over his own children.


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Ethan finds himself in a green yet lifeless rainforest after enduring the horrific time displacement, with only a device permanently installed by his father during his childhood to his wrist and a hand machine called Archie as his only surviving piece of equipment. He discovers the entrance to a bunker-like building following Archie’s orders, and before it, a skeleton wearing his jumpsuit and with a bullet hole in its skull, as well as a decaying Archie and the familiar wrist device.

Shocked by the realization in the near future of his almost inexorable death, and sick of consuming toxic berries, Ethan finds himself saved by Jude, who pursued him over time after the reading of his life, conveyed through the Chronicle, had failed. They follow Archie’s instructions to another, still-functional door, which is revealed to lead to the Chronicle lab, after sharing their findings. It is there that the wrist gadget of Ethan is seen to be a DNA analyzer explicitly made to allow him access to the Chronicle, which in four hours sets itself for automatic reactivation.

The pair discovers from a holographic recording left by Richard Whyte that originally the Chronicle mission involved the reactivation of an atmospheric measurement station that would assess the breathability of the Earth environment in the future and then relay the data back to the past. Richard was shocked to receive a message to take his own son to the future when he first triggered the computer, so he packed Ethan’s wrist analyzer in spite of his misgivings.

An urgent follow-up mission, however, was made impossible because it required an operational connection from both sides to safely send living matter through time and the data indicated a power failure in 2474.

2067 2020 DVD Cover The Chronicle activation

The Chronicle activation causes a breakdown in its nuclear power core, threatening to trigger a nuclear explosion before the countdown is finished, the power failure previously recorded by the data. Ethan and Jude find their way to the centre of influence, which is situated under their home city’s overgrown ruins. They are led to believe that a cure against the plague has never been discovered after seeing the ruins riddled with bones, including Xanthe’s.

Ethan recognizes Jude’s voice from a tape he discovers on the dying Archie machine, taken minutes before his future self was murdered, as Jude tries some soothing words. Jude, exposed, orders Ethan to the reactor’s control room at gunpoint. Unable to trigger the emergency override, to facilitate a manual reset, Ethan willingly allows himself to be trapped inside the depressurizing chamber. He succeeds in redirecting the force, escaping the failure, and opening the control room again.

The pair return to the Chronicle lab with 37 minutes to spare, where Ethan finds another exit that opens with his skeleton to the entryway. Don’t forget do pause your reading for download 2067 2020 DVD Cover. 

Ethan suffers a mental meltdown when he sees him and implores Jude to kill him, something Jude declines to do. Jude then acknowledges that there was no real chance of ever improving the future; refusing to accept that, from the day that Richard had died, Ethan locks Jude in and plays back the log of his father. 2067 2020 DVD Cover Download link in the green button.

He finds from it that his mission from the beginning was a sham: Jackson wanted to escape from her dying time into the future with only a few selected to start anew, while Richard retained the hope that someone had to give the return letter, suggesting that all humanity still has hope. Richard keyed the time machine to Ethan’s DNA to escape its violence, however when Richard’s colleague revealed that the machine might be rigged to take a human one-way into the future, Richard was killed by Jackson. Remember to download 2067 2020 DVD Cover for free.


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