A Writers Odyssey

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A Writers Odyssey 2021 DVD Cover

Original title: 刺杀小说家
Tagline: Rewrite the reality.
Duration: 2h 10min
IMDB: tt9685342
TMDB: 611698
Vote average: 7
Vote count: 6
Popularity: 7.502
Status: Released
Production: United Entertainment Partners
Original language: zh
Release date: 2021-02-12
Actors: , ,
DVD Covers, 2021, Action, Custom Covers, Custom Labels, Drama, Fantasy

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A Writers Odyssey 2021 Plot

A Writers Odyssey 2021. Kongwen Lu is the author of a fantasy novel series following a heroic teenager, also named Kongwen, on a quest to end the tyrannical rule of Lord Redmane, under the guidance of a Black Armor. But through a strange twist of fate, the fantasy world of the novel begins to impact life in the real world, leading Guan Ning to accept a mission from Tu Ling to kill the author.

A Writers Odyssey 2021 Synopsis

The tale of Kongwen Lu, author of a fantasy-novel series after a valiant youth, also known as Kongwen, on the quest to put an end to Lord Redman’s tyrannical rule, under the direction of a Black armor, is told by A Writer’s Odyssey (GUO Jingfei).

But through an odd turn of fate Guan Ning (LEI Jiayin) starts to accept a mission from Tu Lings (YANG Mi) to destroy the writer in the fantasy world of novels.

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