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Cats 2019 DVD Cover

Original title: Cats
Tagline: You will believe.
Duration: 1h 50min
IMDB: tt5697572
TMDB: 536869
Vote average: 4
Vote count: 609
Popularity: 50.979
Status: Released
Production: Working Title Films
Original language: en
Release date: 2019-12-19
Budget: $ 95000000
Revenue: $ 73515024
Actors: , ,
DVD Covers, Comedy, Custom Covers, Drama, Fantasy

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Cats 2019 DVD Cover Movie Summary

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A tribe of cats known as the Jellicles should determine yearly which one will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and are available again to a brand new Jellicle life.

Cats 2019 DVD Cover Movie Synopsis

Cats 2019 DVD Cover. Within the streets of London, a automobile stops close to a constructing lengthy sufficient to drop off a bag within the rubbish. That is seen by various cats, who study the bag. It incorporates a white cat named Victoria, who had been deserted (Overture). The cats then query whether or not or not she is one in every of their tribe, referred to as Jellicles (Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats). One of many cats, referred to as Mr. Mistoffelees, befriends her.

Three of the Jellicle cats cease Victoria and ask for her title. When she offers it, they ask for her second title, which makes Munkustrap clarify the significance of the names of Jellicle cats (The Naming of Cats). She later is given an invite to the Jellicle Ball, which happens solely every year, the place many cats compete, and the chief of the tribe, Outdated Deuteronomy, chooses which ones goes to a spot referred to as the Heaviside Layer to bear reincarnation (Invitation to the Jellicle Ball).

The Jellicle Cats 2019 DVD Cover then take her to one of many candidates for the evening’s Ball, a cat named Jennyanydots, who sleeps throughout the day, however reforms mice and cockroaches at evening (Jennyanydots: The Outdated Gumbie Cat). The following cat to go to Victoria is Rum Tum Tugger, a capricious and rebellious tomcat, who treats her and different cats to take advantage of and cream at a milk bar.

(The Rum Tum Tugger) After the well-appreciated drink, a unclean and life worn cat named Grizabella seems, solely to be turned away. One of many cats explains to Victoria that Grizabella was one in every of their tribe till she went off with Macavity (Grizabella: The Glamour Cat). A brand new cat, Bustopher Jones, arrives and notes how underfed the brand new arrival is, and proceeds to take her and the Jellicle Cats 2019 DVD Cover round to the rubbish bins of assorted eating places for them to eat (Bustopher Jones: The Cat About City).

Cats 2019 Movie

Cats 2019 DVD Cover

The merriment is reduce brief, nonetheless, by the arrival of Macavity, who had beforehand approached Jennyanydots and kidnapped her, goes on to kidnap Bustopher Jones subsequent. The 2 Jellicles discover themselves on a ship in the midst of the Thames, tied up and stored watch by one in every of Macavity’s brokers, Captain Growltiger (Growltiger’s Final Stand). In the meantime, the Jellicles all depart, aside from Victoria, who’s left behind.

She is discovered by two mischievous Cats 2019 DVD Cover and proven how enjoyable a wild, carefree life might be (Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer), who’re unknowingly additionally brokers of Macavity. The merriment and wanton destruction are reduce brief when the canine of the home begins coming after the trio. The duo leaves out the window, however Victoria, who’s loaded down with pearls, a watch, and earrings, is caught on the bedpost and can’t escape. Mr. Mistoffeloees, who has been in search of Victoria, helps her get free and distracts the canine lengthy sufficient to shut the door and escape, bringing her to the others at an deserted theatre.

They’re simply in time to fulfill the chief of the Jellicles tribe, an outdated feminine cat named Outdated Deuteronomy (Outdated Deuteronomy). As soon as she arrives, the Jellicle Ball commences (The Jellicle Ball), with Mr. Mistofelees as Victoria’s dance accomplice. Whereas the Cats 2019 DVD Cover are taking a relaxation, Grizabella reappears, however at a distance (“Grizabella The Glamour Cat – Reprise, Reminiscence). This isn’t unnoticed by Victoria (Lovely Ghosts) or Outdated Deuteronomy (The Moments of Happiness). As soon as Victoria is again inside, she speaks with Outdated Deuteronomy and tells her story. The elder cat says that Victoria just isn’t a Jellicle Cat but, however she is on her method to changing into one.

The primary contestant known as up is an outdated theatre cat known as Gus (Gus: The Theatre Cat), who Mr. Mistoffelees, an enormous fan, helps out his act with magic. After his quantity is completed, Macavity lures him into signing an autograph earlier than kidnapping him as effectively. Subsequent up is Skimbleshanks (Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat), who’s kidnapped in mid-act. Bombalurina, one other of Macavity’s brokers, seems on stage and doses everybody with catnip (Macavity: The Thriller Cat). Quickly after, Macavity himself arrives and tries to coerce Outdated Deuteronomy into selecting him for rebirth, which she refuses to do.

Infuriated, he kidnaps her, then threatens her life. When she nonetheless refuses, Macavity begins to make her stroll the plank. Victoria suggests {that a} less-than-confident Mr. Mistoffelees rescue the chief by conjuration (Mr. Mistoffelees). After a number of tries, the Magic Cat manages to rescue Outdated Deuteronomy on this method, to the reduction of Victoria and the Jellicle tribe.

Grizabella returns and is about to go away when Victoria stops her and encourages her to come back and sing within the Jellicle Ball (Lovely Ghosts (Reprise), Reminiscence – Reprise)”. The Glamour Cat just isn’t solely re accepted by the tribe, however she can also be named the Jellicle Alternative by Outdated Deuteronomy. The Cats 2019 DVD Cover lead her to what seems to be like an outdated chandelier, which Mr. Mistoffelees repairs and lights up.

The article rises into the air, revealing itself to be a scorching air balloon (The Journey to the Heaviside Layer) as Grizabella rises into the air whereas daybreak breaks. Macavity climbs on to an extended tether, pondering that he would go together with her, however falls off inside moments. The Jellicle cats watch her from a statue outdoors as Outdated Deuteronomy addresses all of them (Finale: The Advert-Dressing of Cats 2019 DVD Cover).

They salute Grizabella earlier than dispersing, leaving solely Victoria and the chief, who declares her an Angelical cat, one of many sorts of Jellicle Cats 2019 DVD Cover. Grizabella disappears right into a cloud within the daybreak, going off to be reincarnated.

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