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Cruella 2021 DVD Cover

Original title: Cruella
Tagline: Hello Cruel World
Duration: 2h 14min
IMDB: tt3228774
TMDB: 337404
Vote average: 8
Vote count: 411
Popularity: 1135.658
Status: Released
Production: Walt Disney Pictures
Original language: en
Release date: 2021-05-26
Actors: , ,
DVD Covers, 2021, Comedy, Crime, Custom Covers

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Cruella 2021 DVD Cover – Summary

Cruella 2021 DVD Cover. A young grifter named Estella is keen to establish a name for herself with her designs in 1970s London, during the punk music movement.

She befriends a couple of teenaged criminals who share her penchant for mischief, and the three of them manage to make a living on the streets of London.

Estella’s sense of style one day gets the attention of the Baroness von Hellman, a fashion icon who is both devastatingly stylish and terrifyingly haute.

However, their connection puts in motion a chain of events and disclosures that would lead Estella to embrace her dark side and transform into the noisy, stylish, and vengeful Cruella de Vil.

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Cruella 2021 DVD Cover – Synopsis

Before she transforms into Cruella de Vil? Estella, a teen, has a fantasy. She aspires to be a fashion designer, having been blessed with equal parts skill, invention, and desire.

Life, on the other hand, appears hell-bent on ensuring that her aspirations never come true.

Estella, who was orphaned and impoverished when she arrived in London at the age of 12, wanders wild through the city streets with her best friends and partners-in-crime, Horace and Jasper, two amateur thieves.

When a fortuitous encounter propels Estella into the world of the young affluent and famous, she begins to doubt the life she’s established for herself in London and wonders if she wasn’t meant for more after all.

Estella begins to believe she has arrived when a rising rock singer requests her to develop a trademark piece for him. But what does keeping up with the fast crowd cost, and is it a price Estella is ready to pay?

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