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Day 13 2020 DVD Cover

Original title: Day 13
Duration: 1h 31min
IMDB: tt6829368
TMDB: 725495
Vote average: 4
Vote count: 4
Popularity: 3.632
Status: Released
Production: Kapow
Original language: en
Release date: 2020-04-08
Actors: , ,
DVD Covers, 2020, Custom Covers, Horror, Thriller

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Day 13 2020 DVD Cover – Summary

Day 13 2020 DVD Cover. When Colton, 17, is left at home for the summer to babysit his younger sister, he develops a crush on Heather, a pretty girl who has just moved into a strange old house across the street.

From afar, he falls in love with her, but he also sees her adoptive father becoming more violent towards her.

When Colton believes the man is a member of a Satanic cult and is planning to ritually kill her, he takes drastic steps to interfere, only to discover that the fact is much worse than he might have dreamed…

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Day 13 2020 DVD Cover – Synopsis

Colton has matured more than he expected. His father has left him, his younger sister, Rachel, and his mother; he’s taken over everyday chores and partial parental responsibilities when it comes to Rachel, particularly when their mother goes on a 16-day getaway to decompress.

When he is out doing errands and babysitting his sister, the old, empty house across the street comes to life when a father and daughter move in.

Colton’s curiosity gets the best of him when he snoops around the house and runs into Heather, the reclusive daughter whom he instinctively likes, but when he sees strange behaviour from the father, Colton is sure of his daughter’s ill-intentions.

Colton and Heather plot ways to prove his evilness and unravel the mystery around the old house and past family disappearances, but as her father’s hold tightens, Colton agrees to take Heather’s survival to the next step, even though he has no idea what occult deals he’s getting himself into.

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