False Positive

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False Positive 2021 DVD Cover

Original title: False Positive
Tagline: Never underestimate a mother's intuition.
Duration: 1h 33min
IMDB: tt10096842
TMDB: 591634
Vote average: 6
Vote count: 18
Popularity: 44.772
Status: Released
Production: A24
Original language: en
Release date: 2021-06-18
Homepage: https://a24films.com/films/false-positive
Actors: , ,
DVD Covers, 2021, Custom Covers, Horror, Mystery

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False Positive 2021 DVD Cover – Summary

False Positive 2021 DVD Cover. Lucy and Adrian finally discover their dream fertility doctor, the famous Dr. Hindle, after months of trying and failing to get pregnant.

Lucy, however, notices something ominous through Hindle’s sparkling charm after getting pregnant with a healthy baby girl, and she sets out to discover the frightening truth about him, as well as her own “birth story.” As if conceiving a child wasn’t difficult enough….


Lucy (Ilana Glazer) and Adrian (Justin Theroux) are a married couple who have been trying to conceive for the previous two years in the film FALSE POSITIVE.

Lucy becomes pregnant after consulting Dr. Hindel (Pierce Brosnan), an in-demand fertility expert who was also Adrian’s med school mentor.

However, she is pregnant with two boys and a girl, and Hindel aggressively advises Lucy and Adrian to pick between the boys and the girl in a technique known as “selective reduction” for safety concerns.

While Adrian desires a son, Lucy desires a girl. Hindel conducts the surgery after Adrian accepts. Lucy, on the other hand, is increasingly wary of Hindel as her pregnancy progresses.

When she gives birth, she will have to face what Adrian and Hindel have been planning behind her back, as the terrifying visions she has been seeing and the gaslighting she has been subjected to take on a new significance.

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