Fear Street Part Three 1666

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Fear Street Part Three 1666 (2021) DVD Cover

Original title: Fear Street: 1666
Tagline: End the curse.
Duration: 1h 54min
IMDB: tt9701942
TMDB: 591275
Vote average: 7
Vote count: 158
Popularity: 677.165
Status: Released
Production: Chernin Entertainment
Original language: en
Release date: 2021-07-16
Homepage: https://www.netflix.com/title/81334750
Actors: , ,
DVD Covers, 2021, Custom Covers, Horror, Mystery

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Fear Street Part Three 1666 DVD Cover – Summary

Fear Street Part Three 1666 DVD Cover. Teenagers in 1994 must put a stop to their town’s curse before it is too late. In 1666, a colonial town is seized by a frenzied witch-hunt that will have terrible effects for generations.

Fear Street Part Three 1666 DVD Cover – Synopsis

Fear Street Part Three 1666

When Deena has successfully reconnected Sarah Fier’s severed hand with the rest of her corpse, she awakens to a vision depicting the events of 1666 from the point of view of Sarah Fier herself. She lives with her father, George, and brother, Henry, in Union, which was the original town before it was separated into Sunnyvale and Shadyside, where they were raised.

Other members of the community include Pastor Cyrus Miller and his daughter Hannah (with whom Sarah is head over heels in love), Abigail and her sister Constance, Mad Thomas and Caleb, as well as Lizzie, Issac, and Solomon Goode (ancestor of sheriff Nick Goode) and Solomon’s brother Elijah, among others.

While Sarah, Lizzie, and Hannah are on their way to a party for young adults, they break into the tent of a reclusive widow, where Sarah discovers a book of black magic that she is determined to destroy. In the aftermath of her escape, Sarah and her companions make their way to the party, where she and Hannah are accosted by Caleb as they refuse his advances. Mad Thomas is unaware that the two of them are having an intimate encounter.

Next that, Pastor Miller begins to act strangely as the community is struck by terrible disaster the following day. During a conversation with Solomon, Sarah expresses concern over if she is to blame for the town’s poor luck. Pastor Miller had confined many children in the chapel, which the two of them discover when they hear a scream.

The children, including Henry and Constance, were murdered by Pastor Miller, who they uncover when they smash down the door and search the house. Sarah discovers Henry’s body and is nearly killed by Pastor Miller when she is preoccupied by the task at hand. Pastor Miller is then slain by Solomon.

Later that night, a town assembly is called, during which the people of the town come to the conclusion that witchcraft is the root cause of the terrible tragedies that have befallen them. The witches, Caleb believes, are responsible for the party’s demise since Sarah and Hannah refused to accept his advances at the celebration.

They attempt to run, but Hannah is apprehended and Sarah manages to escape, as the village has declared that Hannah will be killed at the crack of dawn. Later that night, Sarah sneaks into the chapel where Hannah is being held and declares her undying love for her in front of everyone. She resolves to fetch the widow’s book in order to use it to strike a bargain with the devil in order to save Hannah, but when she arrives, she discovers that the book has been destroyed and that the widow has been killed.

She escapes to Solomon’s house for assistance, and after he is assaulted by men on the prowl for Sarah, she takes refuge in the rear room. While hiding, she discovers tunnels beneath his house, which expose a weird ritual as well as the widow’s book, which she steals. According to what is revealed, Solomon used the book to strike a pact with the devil, promising Pastor Miller the opportunity to be possessed and kill others in exchange for money and power.

Sarah refuses his offer to share it with her and escapes into the tunnels, despite his promise to share it. He apprehends her and the two engage in a battle, during which her hand is severed in the process. She manages to make her way out of the tunnels, but she is apprehended and detained by the locals. The night before Sarah and Hannah’s execution, Sarah is successful in persuading the community to spare Hannah’s life at the expense of her own.

In her final moments before being killed by hanging, Sarah pledges revenge from the dead. Lizzie, Isaac, Hannah, and Abigail weep over Sarah and bury her remains in the right manner shortly after.

Fear Street Part Three 1666 – Part 2 of 1994

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Towards the conclusion of her vision, Deena comes to the realization that her ancestor Solomon’s line is responsible for the Shadyside curse, since the firstborn of each generation continues the ritual began by his ancestor. Eventually, Sheriff Nick tracks her down, and he begins to understand that she and Josh are catching up with him.

In Nick’s automobile, the two siblings are able to escape and make their way to Ziggy’s house, where Ziggy is still keeping an eye on a deranged Sam. Ziggy is taken aback by the revelation that Nick and his family are responsible for her sister’s murder, but she recognizes that they must kill Nick in order to end the Shadyside curse once and for all. Once they’ve enlisted the assistance of Martin (a mall janitor whom Josh had became friends with in the previous film), the foursome devises a plan to lure Nick to the mall and install traps in order for the undead to murder him.

Although the plot suffers an initial setback when many police officers arrive and are slain, the strategy eventually begins to bear fruit, and the gang is able to briefly capture the assailants. Nick is lured to the heart of the mall, where Ziggy pulls a cord, causing a bucket of Deena’s blood to splatter all over him and his belongings (reminiscent of when they pulled a similar prank on Shelia at Camp Nightwing).

Nick, on the other hand, manages to escape into the tunnels. While Deena and a possessed Sam pursue him, the rest of the group fights off the zombie assailants. As Sam closes the distance between her and Deena, Deena is able to break Sam free of her grasp briefly before knocking her unconscious. Despite Nick’s efforts, Deena is able to expose Nick to the evil mass in the tunnel’s heart, which provides him with a vision of all of his killers’ victims.

Nick is nearly killed by the unholy mass, but Deena is able to escape. While Nick is preoccupied, Deena takes the upper hand and eventually kills him, thereby putting an end to the zombie murderers’ presence on Shadyside and breaking the curse once and for all. Later on, the Goode family is revealed for their horrible deeds, Martin finds success as a technology salesman, and Deena and Sam go on a picnic date at Sarah Fier’s cemetery to remember her.

Someone is seen stealing the widow’s satanic book during a scene during the mid-credits.

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