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In the Earth 2021 DVD Cover

Original title: In the Earth
Tagline: Nature is a force of evil.
Duration: 1h 47min
IMDB: tt13429362
TMDB: 748853
Vote average: 5
Vote count: 9
Popularity: 33.716
Status: Released
Production: Neon
Original language: en
Release date: 2021-04-30
Actors: , ,
DVD Covers, 2021, Custom Covers, Horror

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In the Earth 2021 DVD Cover – Summary

In the Earth 2021 DVD Cover. Dr. Martin Lowery embarks on a quest to hit test site ATU327A, a testing center deep inside the Arboreal Forest, when a lethal virus ravages the planet.

The long trek, led by park scout Alma, is hampered by a nighttime assault that leaves them battered and without shoes.

When they come across Zach, an off-grid resident, they gratefully welcome his assistance. However, Zach’s motivations aren’t quite as they appear, and as the boundary between myth and science blurs, a way out of the forest and into safety soon disappears.

In the Earth 2021 DVD Cover – Synopsis

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Dr. Martin Lowery (Joel Fry), who has been isolated during a pandemic and craves human touch, heads into the woods with park ranger Alma (Ellora Torchia) to find his counterpart Dr. Olivia Wendle (Hayley Squires), who has been unreachable since turning off her radio.

Olivia’s research aims to improve crop productivity. She believes that all plant life is connected by a psychic neural network and that it can communicate with one another and with humans.

The mission quickly devolves into a disaster. Soon after arriving in the jungle, Alma and Martin are brutalized and knocked unconscious, with Martin sustaining a foot wound that will worsen and get more gruesome as the plot progresses.

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