Nightmare Neighborhood Moms

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Nightmare Neighborhood Moms 2022 DVD Cover

Original title: Nightmare Neighborhood Moms
Duration: 0h 0min
MPA: PG-13
IMDB: tt14629026
TMDB: 960398
Vote average: 7
Vote count: 1
Popularity: 5.379
Status: Released
Production: Storyteller Studios
Original language: en
Release date: 2022-04-08
Actors: , ,
DVD Covers, 2022, Custom Covers, Thriller, TV Movie

Nightmare Neighborhood Moms 2022 DVD Cover – Summary

Nightmare Neighborhood Moms 2022 DVD Cover. This movie follows Charlotte as she gets acquainted with her competitive neighbor Bonnie. A neighborhood watch is created when another neighbor is murdered. Unbeknownst to everyone, it was Bonnie who killed the neighbor. Will she be uncovered before it’s too late?


After moving into a new home, Charlotte meets her competitive neighbor Bonnie. When Charlotte and her daughter Jordan discover another neighbor was killed not long ago in a robbery gone wrong, Jordan suggests they start a neighborhood watch, not realizing it was Bonnie who secretly murdered the neighbor after discovering she was having an affair with her husband.

Believing her husband now has an eye for Charlotte, Bonnie sets out to destroy her, but underestimates the intelligence of Charlotte’s daughter–who is already onto Bonnie’s deadly intentions.

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