No One Gets Out Alive

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No One Gets Out Alive 2021 DVD Cover

Original title: No One Gets Out Alive
Tagline: Don’t try to leave. It’ll only make things worse.
Duration: 1h 25min
IMDB: tt13056008
TMDB: 740925
Vote average: 5
Vote count: 36
Popularity: 70.976
Status: Released
Production: The Imaginarium
Original language: en
Release date: 2021-09-29
Actors: , ,
DVD Covers, 2021, Custom Covers, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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No One Gets Out Alive 2021 DVD Cover – Movie Summary

No One Gets Out Alive 2021 DVD Cover. An immigrant in search of the American dream is forced to take a room in a boarding house and soon finds herself in a nightmare from which she can’t escape.


Ambar (Cristina Rodlo) has arrived in Cleveland from Mexico following the death of her mother to cancer in NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE. She’s an undocumented immigrant who finds work in a sweatshop as a sewing machine operator, but her options for finding a place to live are severely limited because she lacks identification. She saw an ad for a place at a rooming house on the bulletin board where she works after she has to leave the motel where she has been staying. When she arrives, she meets Red (Marc Menchaca), who claims to have recently purchased the property and is in the process of renovating it.

It’s a dilapidated building with continuously fluctuating lights, but Ambar decides to move in and pays Red the first month’s rent because he has no other options. Ambar begins to hear what seems like terrible sounds of women crying in her apartment as she works to secure a fake ID that will help her find a better job and adjusts to the cold Cleveland winters.

She also has a tense confrontation with Red’s younger brother, Becker. She also begins to have nightmares about persons in her immediate vicinity, her mother, and spirits who appear to inhabit the rooming house. Ambar meets the other ladies in the rooming house, all of whom are immigrants, and while snooping about Red’s study, she discovers odd antiques and learns some dark secrets about Red and Becker’s father.

When Ambar realizes the extent of Becker’s evil, Red’s complicity in it, and the unholy terror that exists in the basement and its demand for sacrifice, she decides to move out and demands her deposit back from Red. However, when she returns to the boardinghouse, she quickly realizes the extent of Becker’s evil, Red’s complicity in it, and the unholy terror that exists in the basement and its demand for sacrifice.

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