Terror on the Prairie

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Terror on the Prairie 2022 DVD Cover

Original title: Terror on the Prairie
Duration: 1h 47min
IMDB: tt14043966
TMDB: 884315
Vote average: 7.1
Vote count: 14
Popularity: 37.229
Status: Released
Production: Voltage Pictures
Original language: en
Release date: 2022-06-14
Actors: ,
DVD Covers, 2022, Action, Custom Covers, Thriller, Western

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Terror on the Prairie 2022 DVD Cover – Summary

Terror on the Prairie 2022 DVD Cover. A pioneering family fights back against a gang of vicious outlaws that is terrorizing them on their newly-built farm on the plains of Montana.


Carano stars as Hattie McAllister, a former city-woman living with her husband Jeb (Donald Cerrone), son Will (Rhys Becker), and infant daughter on a small piece of farmland in Montana. Homesteading in the middle of nowhere is no picnic, and Hattie has had enough of this life. She insists on taking the kids and moving back home to her family in St. Louis. Jeb leaves for several days to make some money, leaving Hattie at home to tend to the farm and protect her children.

And protect she must do when an outlaw known as The Captain (Nick Searcy), and his crew Long Hair (Tyler Fischer), The Kid (Gabriel Kane Day-Lewis), and Gold Tooth (Heath Freeman), arrive. The Captain’s arrival is pleasant at first, asking just for some food and water. In-kind, the hospitable Hattie offers them breakfast and a moment to rest.

As she gathers some eggs from the chicks, Hattie notices a few human scalps hanging off The Captain’s saddle. Realizing this guy’s no good, with a shotgun in tow, she orders the men to drop their weapons and leave her property. They leave, but you know they’re all coming back with a vengeance, which starts a violent game of cat and mouse that makes up the bulk of Terror on the Prairie.

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