The Cellar

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The Cellar 2022 DVD Cover

Original title: The Cellar
Tagline: An ancient evil has awoken.
Duration: 1h 34min
IMDB: tt14550642
TMDB: 758724
Vote average: 6.2
Vote count: 11
Popularity: 19.249
Status: Released
Production: Wildcard Distribution
Original language: en
Release date: 2022-03-25
Actors: , ,
DVD Covers, 2022, Custom Covers, Horror, Mystery

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The Cellar 2022 DVD Cover – Summary

The Cellar 2022 DVD Cover. When Keira Woods’ daughter mysteriously vanishes in the cellar of their new house in the country, she soon discovers there is an ancient and powerful entity controlling their home that she will have to face or risk losing her family’s souls forever.


A family moves into a huge, historic house and creepiness immediately ensues. Mom (Elisha Cuthbert) and Dad (Eoin Macken) couldn’t be happier with their antiquated new abode, finding infinite charm in the worn-down floorboards and enormous reading room.

Their eldest daughter Ellie (Abby Fitz), conversely, thinks the house is an unparalleled eyesore, one that no amount of teen-appropriate room décor can even begin to alleviate.

Her younger brother Steven (Dylan Fitzmaurice-Brady) approaches his new surroundings with predictable childlike curiosity, finding the old phonograph in the living room particularly intriguing. Yet one room inspires abject dread as opposed to nostalgic mystique: The cellar.

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