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The Mandalorian Season 1 DVD Cover

Original title: The Mandalorian
Tagline: Bounty hunting is a complicated profession.
Duration: 35min
MPA: TV-14
Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 16
First air date: 2019-11-12
Last air date: 2020-12-18
IMDB: tt8111088
TMDB: 82856
Vote average: 8
Vote count: 6108
Popularity: 400.946
Status: Returning Series
Production: Lucasfilm Ltd.
Original language: en
Release date: 2019-11-12
DVD Covers, Action, Custom Covers, Drama, Science Fiction, Western

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The Mandalorian Season 1 DVD Cover Summary

The Mandalorian is the best Disney Plus series since the first Star Wars Trillogy. What are you waiting for? Go and watch it now on Disney Plus!
The lawlessness spread across the galaxy after the collapse of the Galactic Empire. A solitary gunfighter walks around the outside, earning his retention as a bounty chaser.

The Mandalorian Season 1

The Mandalorian Season 1 – Disney+

The Mandalorian Season 1 DVD Cover Synopsis

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Even another warrior appears in the Star Wars universe after the tales of Jango and Boba Fett.

After the Empire crumbles, there will be a period of chaos, until the First Order is established.

With nowhere else to turn, we pursue the path of a lone starfighter far from the jurisdiction of the New Republic.

The Mandalorian Season 1 – The Guide for all season 1 episodes:

The Mandalorian Season 1 – Chapter 1: The Mandalorian

Following his target Greef Karga to Nevarro, a bounty hunter accepts an under-the-table commission from an empyric client who had ties to the Galactic Empire. the client tells the Mandalorian to track down an unidentified fifty-year-old target Dr. Pershing to be located. Pershing has an attachment to The member of the citizens of the Mandalorian clan receives a bar of sacred beskar as a down payment.

He goes to a Mandalorian armory, where an armorer has it forged into a chest piece of armor. The Mandalorian thinks that settling down on Kil’s home planet would end the Bounty Hunter’s incessant bounty hunting. Kuil orders the IG-11 to work with the Mandalorian to clear the camp and locate the quarry, unenthusiastically The IG kills the baby according to the terms of its offer. The Mandalorian kills the droid and captures the kid, saving the boy.

The Mandalorian Season 1 – Chapter 2: The Child

The Mandalorian flies back to his ship with the child in tow, only to find it robbed by Jawas. He threatens, but they manage to evade him in their sandcrawler. The next day, Kui helps the Mandalorian find the Jawas and returns the ship components to him. the Mudhorn offers to return the egg in exchange for the stolen pieces the boy and the Mudhorn’s cave are found, but the beast injures him.

After a long fight, the Mudhorn is about to land a killing blow on the beast, after which it will be discovered that the child has used the Power to lift it into the air, enabling the stunned and amazed Mandalorian to finish the job with a decisive stab to the startled Mudhorn’s back. He brings the egg to the Jawas, who cracks it open and eats the egg’s yellowish insides. Kil approaches the Mandalorian to help in working on the boats. With the boy, the Mandalorian departs from the earth.

The Mandalorian Season 1 – Chapter 3: The Sin

The Mandalorian fulfills the job of delivering the child to the customer on Nevaroth and claims the reward, 20 bars of beskar steel. The mercantile combatant asks whether the client’s plans have anything to do with the boy, and the client answers that they do not concern him. Returning to the Mandalorian settlement, the armorer repairs and restocks the damaged Mandalorian equipment with beskar steel.

The Mandalorian departs to accept a new assignment from Karga. He returns to the client’s base and kills the Stormtroopers while feeling guilty for leaving the boy. he saves the child from Dr. Pershing’s lab, where the doctor was performing experiments on it In his attempts to return to his ship, the Mandalorian is confronted by Karga and his associates, who demand the return of the kidnapped boy. He does not want to submit and a gunfight breaks out. The Mandalorian was outnumbered and trapped by the bounty hunters when some of the enclaves’ allies arrived, allowing him to get to his ship and get away with the girl.

The Mandalorian Season 1 – Chapter 4: Sanctuary

Having landed on the barely populated Sorena, the Mandalorian comes across an ex-military commander Cara. Dune asks the Mandalorian to leave to avoid drawing attention to the world. He is confronted by anxious fishermen who want to employ him. They want him to scare the Kliottleons out of their village.

He accepts the job for accommodation, and asks for Dune’s assistance. they have remained with Omera, a mother who was widowed when her tribe took him in as an orphan The Mandalorians drive the raiders away and blast an old AT-ST that was in use by the Empire. peace returned, the baby was taken away by the bounty hunter, who was killed in the process. realizing that the child is in the village, it leaves with the child.

The Mandalorian Season 1 – Chapter 5: The Gunslinger

The bounty hunter has his own dog killed. His ship docks in the repair bay at Mos Eisley spaceport. He gets a job in a cantina to fund repairs, meet an aspiring bounty hunter, Fennec Shand. Shand would have to enter the Calican if he gets the bounty. Shand disables one of their motorcycles. While on her way to collect the milk, Shanda is informed that the Mandalorian put a higher bounty on Calican’s son than on his own.

Shand offers to help Calican take the Mandalorian prisoner if she sets him free, but he takes the child hostage instead and attempts to flee. The Mandalorian lands, and zeros in on Calico. He finances the repairs with Motto’s capital, and then departs.

The Mandalorian Season 1 – Chapter 6: The Prisoner

The Mandalorian makes contact with his former colleague, Ran, and is offered a position as a member of a five-man team. He gathers former Imperial sharpshooter May, imperial strongman Burg, and droid researcher Xi’an to save his brother Xian from the New Republic. The team infiltrates the prison ship, dealing with security droids as they go, kills the ship’s security chief before he can set off the alarm.

The crew saves Qin but treacherously betrays the Mandalorian. There is a message found from Karga to the Mandalorian detailing the child’s location on the ship. Meanwhile, the Mandalore makes a break for it and takes down each of the crew, and captures Qin. Mandalorian incarcerates Mayfield, Burg, and decides to send the group’s lone inmate, Qayin, back to the prison ship. He runs away with his payment, but instantly senses the New Republic signal. Three X-wing fighters have arrived at the New Republic base.

The Mandalorian Season 1 – Chapter 7: The Reckoning

Karga, whose town on Nevarro has been invaded by the client’s forces, sends a letter to the Mandalorian. Karga suggests that the Mandalorian use the child as bait, killing the client and freeing the town. Karga decided to stop his guild from hunting the Mandalorian and the child in exchange. The Mandalorian recruits Dune and Kuiil to protect the boy, with Kuiil bringing along a rebuilt and reprogrammed IG-11.

They come across Karga and his companions, but are targeted by Mynocks. Karga is wounded, and the child heals him with the Power. In exchange, Karga assassinates his colleagues and confesses to his original plot to kill the Mandalorian and deliver the child to the client. Karga instead behaves as though Dune has abducted the Mandalorian, while Kuiil returns the child to the ship.

During the meeting, troops led by Moff Gideon, the client’s boss, open fire on the house, killing the client and trapping the Mandalorian, Karga, and Dune inside. Gideon appears and demands the boy. Two scout troopers kill Kuiil and kidnap the child outside of town.

The Mandalorian Season 1 – Chapter 8: Redemption

The scout troopers are defeated and the kid is saved by IG-11. Gideon warns Karga, Dune, and the Mandalorian that if they do not hand over the boy, they will be killed. To save the others, IG-11 arrives. Gideon’s powers strike, injuring the Mandalorian. While IG-11 removes his helmet to tend to his wounds, he instructs the others to flee and seek assistance from his Mandalorian enclave.


When the Mandalorian rejoins the others, he learns that all of the other Mandalorians have disappeared except for the armorer. She assigns him the duty of returning the child to its species before fending off the stormtroopers. The party takes a ferry down an underground lava channel, but stormtroopers ambush them at the end of the tunnel. To beat them, IG-11 self-destructs. Gideon attacks in a TIE fighter, but the Mandalorian defeats the craft with his newly forged jetpack. Following Kuiil’s burial, the Mandalorian sets out on a new mission with the boy, while Karga and Dune remain on Nevarro. Gideon survives the ruins and uses the Darksaber to free himself.

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