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Things Heard and Seen 2021 DVD Cover

Original title: Things Heard & Seen
Tagline: Mistrust your senses.
Duration: 2h 1min
IMDB: tt10962368
TMDB: 631060
Vote average: 6
Vote count: 21
Popularity: 49.832
Status: Released
Production: Likely Story
Original language: en
Release date: 2021-04-29
Director: ,
Actors: , ,
DVD Covers, 2021, Custom Covers, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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Things Heard and Seen 2021 DVD Cover – Movie Summary

Things Heard & Seen 2021 DVD Cover. After her husband George gets a job teaching art history at a small Hudson Valley college, Catherine Clare reluctantly leaves her life in 1980s Manhattan for a remote home in the tiny hamlet of Chosen, New York. Catherine is increasingly lonely and alone, despite her best efforts to turn the old dairy farm into a peaceful spot for her young daughter Franny. She quickly detects a mysterious shadow inside the ramshackle property’s walls—as well as in her marriage to George.

Things Heard and Seen 2021 – Synopsis

The year is 1980, and Catherine Clare (Seyfried) is content with her life as a Manhattan-based musician. When her husband George (James Norton) is offered a position teaching art history at a small private college in the Hudson Valley, she gladly accepts. She and her young daughter Franny move into a big, creepy house in the middle of nowhere with George.

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Catherine quickly discovers that her new home is haunted. She discovers an antique bible from the 18th century, which records the former owners’ family deaths.

Many of those who died seemed to be wives who had been deemed “damned” by their husbands. The ghosts of these wives seem to still be roaming the house, clicking on the night light in Franny’s room and allowing a foul odor of gasoline to emanate from the garage.

We gradually discover in the film that many residents in this small town believe in ghosts and spirits. George’s boss at school, George Inness, was a real-life artist who was very mystical and superstitious. “The Valley of the Shadow of Death,” a painting by Inness, will be a recurrent theme in the film.

Inness and the townspeople are adherents of Emanuel Swedenborg, a real-life 18th-century Swedish theologian who claimed to be able to communicate with angels, ghosts, and other spirits.

The wives who lived in Catherine’s home were all Swedenborg fans, and their husbands were not fond of him. It is assumed that the wives were murdered by their husbands after they died “mysteriously” in their homes. Catherine’s house is haunted by ghosts that are there to comfort her, not to harm her.

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