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A black ops assassin is forced to fight for her own survival after a job goes dangerously wrong.

A black ops assassin is forced to fight for her own survival after a job goes dangerously wrong.

  • Ava: Jessica Chastain
  • Duke: John Malkovich
  • Simon: Colin Farrell
  • Michael: Common
  • Bobbi: Geena Davis
  • Peter: Ioan Gruffudd
  • Toni: Joan Chen
  • Judy: Jess Weixler
  • Camille: Diana Silvers
  • Gunther: Falk Hentschel
  • German Embassy Guest: Lin Hultgren
  • Taylor Norris: Michael Guarnera
  • Alejandro: Joe Sobalo Jr.
  • Alain: Efka Kvaraciejus
  • Teddy: Michel Muller
  • Embassy Guard: Brian Tobin
  • Hotel Guest: Alexandria Tait
  • Club Goer: Uliana Tabaka
  • Saudi Royal: Yefim Somin
  • Raver: Susan Halsey Singer
  • German Soldier: Scott Sederquist
  • Nightclub Raver: Sheila Salaverry
  • Club Goer: Carissa Roy
  • Nightclub Raver: Dannielle Rose
  • Lounge Patron: Rickland Powell
  • Shopper: Annie Pisapia
  • Club Goer: Levon Panek
  • Hotel Bartender: Cassidy Neal
  • Club Goer: Kimberly Mae
  • Panicked Father: Rob Lévesque
  • Nite Club Raver: James L. Leite
  • Club Goer: Elbert Kim
  • Hotel Guest: Omar Khan
  • French Tourist: GeGe Jackson
  • Embassy Guest: Ian Dylan Hunt
  • Guest Checking In: Benjamin Healy
  • Dog in Park: Silas Archer Gustav
  • German Embassy Party Guest: Ineke Garbacz
  • German Soldier: Chris J. Faria
  • Gogo Dancer: Victoria Diamond
  • Jazz Club Pool Player: Adam Desautels
  • Embassy Hostess: Marisa Defranco
  • Hotel Guest: Andresito Germosen De La Cruz
  • Night Club Goer: Halle Curley
  • Hotel Guest: Charles Coan
  • French Traveler: Ben Bunnag
  • Hotel Security: Jeff Bouffard
  • Club Goer: Jamie Lea Babineau
  • Patient Jinny: Catherine Virginia Patterson
  • Simon’s Wife: Nadezhda Russo
  • Larry the Nurse: Steve Gagliastro
  • Daniela: Simonne Stern
  • German Guard Helping Ava: Ronald Woodhead
  • Other German Guard: Constantin Tripes
  • Tony the Alcoholic: Martin Lee
  • Boston Jogger: Jeff Bellin
  • Toni’s Outdoor Guard: Bruce-Robert Serafin

Freckles Films,Voltage Pictures,Vertical Entertainment

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