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Taxi 2

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A cabdriver and a cop drag to Paris to rescue a love interest and the Eastern minister of protection from kidnappers.

A cabdriver and a cop drag to Paris to rescue a love interest and the Eastern minister of protection from kidnappers.

  • Daniel Morales: Samy Naceri
  • Émilien Coutant-Kerbalec: Frédéric Diefenthal
  • Lilly Bertineau: Marion Cotillard
  • Petra: Emma Wiklund
  • Commissaire Gibert: Bernard Farcy
  • Général Edmond Bertineau: Jean-Christophe Bouvet
  • Mother: Frédérique Tirmont
  • French Minister: Marc Faure
  • Eastern Minister: Haruhiko Hirata
  • Yuli: Tsuyu Shimizu
  • Katano: Ko Suzuki
  • Yuke Tsumoto: Yoshi Oida
  • Yakuza: Kentaro
  • Master hypnotist: Hiro Uchiyama
  • Master hypnotist: Onochi Seietsu
  • Alain: Edouard Montoute
  • Plainclothes cop at airport: François Cottrelle
  • Djamel: Tewhik Behar
  • Jean-Louis: Jean-Louis Schlesser
  • Co-Pilot: Henri Magne
  • Pregnant lady’s husband: Michel Muller
  • Pregnant lady: Miren Pradier
  • Docteur: Richard Guedj
  • Bookseller: Jean-Luc Borras
  • inspecteur du permis de conduire: Sébastien Thiery
  • le ninja au nunchaku: Cyril Raffaelli
  • Belote player: François Nguyen
  • Belote player: Louis-Marie Nyee
  • Belote player: David Moulin
  • Extinct cop at radar: Jean-Luc Mehler
  • Deputy chief at radar: Jean-François Regazzi
  • Traffic controller: Dominique Chevalier
  • Assistant traffic controller: Franck Maigne
  • Eastern ambassador: Hiroyuki Yanagisawa
  • Lieutenant-colonel Bertrand: Emile Gerard
  • Swimming man: Nicky Naudé
  • Swimming lady: Shirley Bousquet
  • Inexperienced mild driver: Jean-Claude Houbart
  • Expert chief: Christophe Gorlier
  • Riding college student: Maïdi Roth
  • Passenger: Philippe du Janerand
  • Cop at police jam: Eric Challier
  • Colonel Picard: Jacques Buron
  • GIGN soldier: Stephane Aizac
  • Rachid: Sébastien Pons
  • Marco: Malek Bechar
  • Rally speaker: Michel Elias
  • Cop at police jam: Pierre Brichese
  • Park keeper: Fedele Papalia
  • Younger lady at radar: Dorel Carenco
  • Yakuza 3: Jui Gui Kwon
  • Yakuza 4: Ken Chung
  • Yakuza 5: Raymond Khamvene
  • Yakuza 6: Jean Lebidan
  • Yakuza 7: Pierre Nguyen
  • Ninja: Châu Belle Dinh
  • Ninja: Williams Belle
  • Ninja: Guylain N’Guba-Boyeke
  • Ninja: Malik Diouf
  • Ninja: Charles Perrière
  • Ninja: Laurent Piemontesi
  • Ninja: Yann Hnautra
  • Boat Proprietor (uncredited): Luc Besson
  • Self (archive photos) (uncredited): Jacques Chirac
  • Cop (uncredited): Wilfrid Grenier
  • Lionel Jospin (explain) (uncredited): Daniel Herzog
  • Self (archive photos) (uncredited): Lionel Jospin
  • Jacques Chirac (explain) (uncredited): Yves Lecoq
  • Passant (uncredited): Junko Murakami
  • Olivia (uncredited): Victoria Obermayer

ARP Sélection,TF1 Movies Manufacturing,Canal+,Leeloo Productions

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