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Wonder Woman 1984

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Wonder Woman comes into conflict with the Soviet Union during the Cold War in the 1980s and finds a formidable foe by the name of the Cheetah.

Wonder Woman comes into conflict with the Soviet Union during the Cold War in the 1980s and finds a formidable foe by the name of the Cheetah.

  • Diana Prince / Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot
  • Steve Trevor: Chris Pine
  • Barbara Minerva / Cheetah: Kristen Wiig
  • Maxwell Lord: Pedro Pascal
  • Antiope: Robin Wright
  • Hippolyta: Connie Nielsen
  • Young Diana: Lilly Aspell
  • Emir Said Bin Abydos: Amr Waked
  • Handsome Man: Kristoffer Polaha
  • Carol (Co-Worker): Natasha Rothwell
  • Babajide: Ravi Patel
  • Simon Stagg: Oliver Cotton
  • Alistair: Lucian Perez
  • Raquel: Gabriella Wilde
  • Jake: Kelvin Yu
  • POTUS: Stuart Milligan
  • Dangerous Drunk: Shane Attwooll
  • Mr. Khalaji: David Al-Fahmi
  • Televangelist: Kevin Wallace
  • Lai Zhong: Wai Wong
  • Venelia: Doutzen Kroes
  • Herald (Trigona): Hari James
  • Amazon: Betty Adewole
  • Amazon: Camilla Roholm
  • Competitor: Jessie Graff
  • Competitor: Bronte Lavine
  • Competitor: Briony Scarlett
  • Competitor: Jade Johnson
  • Competitor: Miranda Chambers
  • Competitor: Moe Sasegbon
  • Competitor: Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith
  • Aella: Hayley Warnes
  • Sameer (Photograph): Saïd Taghmaoui
  • Charlie (Photograph): Ewen Bremner
  • Chief (Photograph): Eugene Brave Rock
  • Etta (Photograph): Lucy Davis
  • Buzz Cut: Lyon Beckwith
  • Bad Skin: Ryan Watson
  • Flat Top: Jimmy Burke
  • Scowler: Brandon Thane Wilson
  • Kelly (Girl Hostage): Oakley Bull
  • Donkey Kong Geek (Mall): Andy Riddle
  • Courtney: Rey Rey Terry
  • Courtney’s Mom: Tina Edwards
  • Mall Cop (Exterior): Bill Debrason
  • Mall Cop (Exterior): Rick Kain
  • Mall Security Guard: Vickie Warehime
  • Mall Security Guard: Mike D. Anderson
  • Mall Security Guard: Christopher Crutchfield Walker
  • Panicked Shopper: Gina Grinkemeyer
  • Panicked Shopper: Cassandra Newman
  • Jewelry Sales Associate: Valerie Leonard
  • Jewelry Sales Associate: Susan Smythe
  • News Reporter (Aftermath): Bob Cusack
  • Camaro Driver: John Bucy
  • Camaro Passenger: Patrick Gover
  • Jogger: Tracy Tobin
  • Preppy Guy (Dupont Circle): Mitch Holson
  • Preppy Girl (Dupont Circle): Ashley Gladden
  • Georgetown Café Waiter: Spencer Trinwith
  • Commander Salamander Manager: Parker Damm
  • Shoplifter: Caroline Coleman
  • Shoplifter: Summer Snead
  • Shoplifter: Tori Beverly
  • Eager Saleswoman (Clothes): Raquel Merediz
  • Guy Hailing Cab (Georgetown): Vince Eisenson
  • Roger (Co-Worker): Asim Chaudhry
  • Co-Worker 2 (Spare Coffee): Danny Morgan
  • Lucy (Co-Worker): Tessa Bonham Jones
  • Janitor: Philip Philmar
  • Leon: Mensah Bediako
  • FBI Agent (Stagg’s Office): Russell Barnett
  • FBI Agent (FBI Office): Peter Brooke
  • FBI Agent (Stagg’s Lobby): Jarren Dalmeda
  • Black Gold Receptionist: Jasmine Clark
  • Black Gold Young Man – Emerson: Jonathan Ajayi
  • Black Gold Young Man: Tomos Vaughan-Williams
  • Black Gold Hotshot Aide: Avi Rothman
  • Stagg’s Secretary: Belinda Mayne
  • Party Goer: Orlando James
  • Party Goer: Bruce McKinnon
  • White House Carl: Ed Birch
  • Cab Driver (Egypt): Aykut Hilmi
  • Emir’s Aide: Zaydun Khalaf
  • Egyptian Child 1 (Diana Saves): Nerea Palacios
  • Egyptian Child 2: Altahay Ramos Martín
  • White House Staffer: Joanne Henry
  • CJCS (Oval Office): Patrick Lyster
  • US Army Tech: Sam Sheridan
  • US Army Tech: Paul Boyd
  • US Army Tech: Vincent Jerome
  • Air Traffic Controller: Akie Kotabe
  • Air Traffic Controller: Kenneth Jay
  • British News Reporter: Jasmine Hyde
  • American Reporter: Paul McQuaid
  • Silo Technician: Gabriel Constantin
  • Silo Technician: Alex Delescu
  • Silo Technician: Mish Boyko
  • Russian General: Constantine Gregory
  • Old Russian Grandafther: Michael Poole
  • Neighbor / Cow Man: Joe Palka
  • Dog Walker: Jean H. Miller
  • Head Technician (Inner Chamber): Mike Sengelow
  • Irishman (Tea Shop): Paul Connaughton
  • Nasty Woman (Tea Shop): Wendy Albiston
  • Passing Reporter: Rhonda Overby
  • Max (8 Years Old): Lambro Demetriou
  • Max (15 Years Old): Jonny Barry
  • Max’s Father: Luis Torrecilla
  • Max’s Mother: Sarah Barlondo
  • Max’s Driver: Matt Costello
  • Photographer: Evan Bittner
  • Penn Avenue Watergate Cop: Archie L. Harris Jr.
  • Penn Avenue Mother: Stephanie Waters
  • Wild Gunman: Thomas Clay Strickland
  • Wang (Chinese Kitchen): Chi-Lin Nim
  • Punk in Subway: Michael Kaurene
  • Apocalyptic Preacher: Michael Gabel
  • Convoy Driver: Orlando Gonzalez
  • Convoy Driver: Dan De Luca
  • Convoy Driver: Ahmed Hussien
  • Convoy Driver: Tony Zarouel
  • Convoy Driver: Naithan Ariane
  • Security Guard: Joel Morris
  • Security Guard: Michael Salami
  • US National News Anchor: Kosha Engler
  • Jace Valentine: Asa Sheridan
  • Snowball Girl: Alma Varsano
  • Carousel Girl: Maya Varsano
  • Carousel Father: Jaron Varsano
  • Christmas Player: Tilly Winford
  • Grateful Parent: Victoria Broom
  • Militant: Hamza Siddique
  • NORAD Colonel: Colin Stinton
  • Resident: Andy Cheung
  • Amazon Athlete: Katharine Pickering
  • Amazon Athlete: Karis McCabe
  • Amazon Athlete: Saskia Neville
  • Amazon Athlete: Jenny Pacey
  • Amazon Athlete: Mikayla-Jade Barber
  • Amazon Athlete: Candice Carbine
  • Amazon Athlete: Donna Forbes
  • Amazon Athlete: Chantal Nell
  • Asteria: Lynda Carter
  • Party Guest (uncredited): Al Clark
  • Gala Guest (uncredited): Bern Collaço
  • Rioter / Driver (uncredited): Chuck Taber
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Additional movie data provided by: TheMovieDb.

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